10 Ideas for Summer Fun

Here in down south, we know how excruciating the heat can get outside during the summer months. You don’t want the kids to go outside and overheat, but they can’t stay cooped up inside all day without you going crazy! So we have complied a list of some ideas for indoor and outdoor summer fun!

Make a birdhouse - ASV

Make a Birdhouse out of Popsicle Sticks

Kids are so intrigued by smallest things, especially birds on birdhouse! So why not make a birdhouse? Visit your local craft store to buy Popsicle sticks and a hot glue gun. Parents, you’ll have to help out with the hot glue gun. After you’re done, hang it up, put some bird feed in it and watch the as the birds come to feed. If you don’t know how to make a birdhouse out of Popsicle sticker here is some help!

Visit the Zoo

Pack some sandwiches and take the day to visit the zoo! The kids will love seeing all the animals. If there is a petting zoo, you know you’ll be in there for hours. If you want to visit the zoo check out the Baton Rouge Zoo or the New Orleans Zoo!

Neighborhood Game Night

Designate one evening a week for some friendly multifamily competition (think kickball, softball, and capture the flag). Keep things fair by designating a different parent to ref and dividing into new teams each time, like dads and daughters versus moms and sons. This Neighborhood Game Night is sure to become a tradition!

Fun at the Pond

There is plenty of things to do by your park’s pond. Bring some bread and feed the ducks. If you a remoted controlled boat or sailboat, you can race it in the water. Or make paper sailboats to race them! This will create some healthy competition and it’s fun to do.

Create a Slip-N-Slide

Grab a tarp out of the garage, a garden house and Dawn dish soap to create the ultimate slip-n-slide. Your kids will stay busy for hours and they’ll love you for it! Just lay down the tarp, pour some soap to make it extra slippery and let it work its magic. If you have a hill on the side of your house we recommend putting the tarp there. You won’t have to use as much soap and the kids will feel like it’s an actual slide!

Play Twister with Colored Shaving Cream

If you have Twister on hand, this is a fun way to spice the game up! The kids will love it and it is so funny watching everyone slip around! Purchase multiple cans of shaving cream and food coloring. Simply empty the contents of the shaving cream into a bucket, drop as many drops as you want of the food coloring and mix it together. Make sure to keep all four of the colors in separate buckets. Once all of the colors are mixed, scoop out a blob of colored shaving cream onto the correct dot on the Twister board. Then you are ready to play Twister! The food coloring will stain your clothing, so make sure to wear old clothes!

Have a Picnic - ASL, ASV

Have a Picnic

Pack your kids favorite sandwiches, snacks and drinks for a picnic! Whether it be in your backyard or at your local park. We know your kids will love eating their lunch outdoors. Just don’t forget the picnic blanket!

Build a Fort

Growing up, we all use to build forts. Now it’s time to teach the kiddos! So grab all the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals in the house to make the ultimate fort! Don’t be afraid to rearrange your house for the day. You’re going to need all the chairs, couches and tables you have! Afterwards, eat dinner, watch movies and make memories!

Chalk Up the Sidewalk

Kids love to color and why not give them a bigger mural? You can buy chalk at Walmart or Target for only a few bucks! Let them fill the driveway and sidewalk with their creative drawings to show the whole neighborhood. Introduce them to your childhood memories and draw a hopscotch board! They’ll love playing the game and you’ll love seeing the smiles on their faces.

Make Ice Cream

This task takes time to create but the kids will love that they made homemade ice cream. Create different flavors and see which one you like the best. For further instructions on how to make homemade ice cream click here!

All these activities are inexpensive and a sure way to make the summer much more fun!

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