Gifts for Mom

Moms tend to spend lots of time shuttling the kids to school and practices, commuting to work and doing every day errands. Even a stay-at-home Mom is probably in her car right now! So since your Mom spends so much time in her car, what better way to say “I appreciate everything you do for me” on Mother’s Day than giving her some awesome gifts for her car! We have compiled a list of some things you can gift to your specular mom on Mother’s Day.

Acts of Service

Chances are that mom’s car is not the cleanest. There is probably dirt on the floors and crumbs on the seats. So on Mother’s Day, take your Mom’s car and detail it for her! You can pay for someone else to detail it, or you can take the kiddos outside and detail it together as a family! Either way, we know she will appreciate a clean car!

If you are thinking of detailing her car at home, here are a few things that will come in handy.

  • Armor All 4-Piece Complete Car Care Kit
  • This kit comes fully equipped with Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and Wax, Armor All Original Protectant and tire foam for that finishing touch. This car cleaner kit also comes with 25 glass wipes for windows. Simply use the wipes, sprays and cleaner, to wash and protect a car or trucks’ interior and exterior.
  • You will also need brushes, a cleaning mitt and some microfiber towels. You can purchase all of those things at your local car care store, or online!

Armor All Complete Car Care Kit

Child Seat, Kick Guard

Sadly, not every car ride can be enjoyable and peaceful. Kids sometimes have melt downs and there may be an occasional kick on the seat every now and again. Not to mention, that with young kids, there is bound to be toys throughout her car. So why not consider getting her the kick guard? It helps to protect against muddy shoeprints from ending up on the seat. With several storage pockets, mom doesn’t have to worry about where a toy disappeared to in her car. This easy to clean and installation is perfect for any mom with young kids.

Multimedia System

One of the easiest ways a mom can entertain the kids in the car is to put on a movie. The Multimedia system comes with two 8 inch high resolution screens that are installed in the back of the driver and passenger head rests. Sometimes, mom doesn’t want to listen to her kid’s favorite movie for the 100th time so 2 wireless headphones come with the system. The kids can either watch the same movie or two different movies at the same time. Both of the screen are touch screen also! For more details about the Multimedia system, call us at (855) 566-7291 or stop by at Volvo located on Coursey Boulevard.

ASV - Multimedia System

Remember, Mother’s Day is about spending time with your mom and telling her how much you appreciate all the things she has done and will continue to do for you. Regardless if you are able to get your Mom something or not, she will enjoy spending time with you! So All Star Volvo would like to say a big thank you to all the awesome Moms out there!

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